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You live your passion daily.


Software should advance your mission, not slow you down.


NewOrg provides a solution to non-profit organizations that uniquely captures and integrates the information from all of your operational areas to better manage clients, service delivery, program outcome measurement, volunteers & scheduling, event management & sign-ups, communications, surveys, development activites and fundraising campaigns.


Our partners are as varied as the passions they pursue - Social Service agencies, Habitat for Humanity Affiliates, Arts programs, Senior Corp and RSVP organizations, Immigrant services, NeighborWorks members, Food Banks and Organic Certification agencies just highlight a few.


Whether your challenge is capturing and reporting on complex client data, managing and scheduling volunteer activities via online calendars and sign-up, streamlining and improving your fundraising efforts with online event registration and processing of ticket purchases or donations, NewOrg does all of this and more.  


NewOrg's goal is to create one unique contact record for each of your stakeholder and constituent relationships and to manage the multiple roles they may have in your organization.  End your frustration with duplicate records in multiple databases.


It doesn't matter if you are all volunteer, all paid staff or somewhere in between.  Training is simplified and robust reporting becomes a snap when your staff uses only one intuitive system combining the NewOrg solutions that best fit the needs of your organization.


Explore the different NewOrg Solutions, view our videos here or visit us at NewOrgCampus  on YouTube but contact us to discuss how NewOrg will make your organization more sustainable and let you focus back to your mission and passion.

If you are in a hurry (who isn't?) click here to view our short "Who Should Use NewOrg" video but please come back to explore our site when you have time.


Isn't now the time to transform your organization?

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Info for Funders NewOrg System Overview

Who Should Use NewOrg?

Non profits can integrate and manage Donors, Donations, Clients, Services, Grants, HR, Outcomes, Payroll, Campaigns, Volunteers, and Reporting.  Funders can help improve provider efficiency while getting accurate real time information about the efficacy of their programs.

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A NewOrg representative can show you the benefits of NewOrg that are relevant to your needs.

Speak with us to see how NewOrg is the comprehensive solution to solve the information management challenges for your organization.

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NewOrg Clients

NewOrg impacts other organizations just like yours!

See our diverse range of partners and what they say about NewOrg as we improve how they provide and track services, measure and report on their success, and improve their sustainability ...

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How to Buy

The NewOrg Management System is provided as an online service so there is no hardware to buy or software to install. 

The cost for the system is based on the size of your organization and the amount of customization required ...

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